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Primo: using the library catalogue: Journals and Articles

Journals and Articles

A journal is a publication focusing on a particular subject area which can contain articles, letters, research, opinions and reviews written by different authors. Journals are published at regular intervals, such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Each copy is an issue and a set of issues makes a volume (usually each year is a separate volume). Journals are also known as periodicals.

Anything you see on Primo or in our Libraries with PER in the classmark, it is a journal (Periodical) containing short papers on specific topics. They can be found in print format, online or both.

Why use a journal article?

  • Important sources for subject information or research.
  • Information on current developments.
  • Journal articles are published more quickly than books, so can be more up to date.
  • They often cover a subject in depth and include original research.

Borrowing a journal

You can borrow a journal overnight. You will need to place a request for the specific journal volume in Primo. Instructions on requesting a journal. 

Searching for journal articles on Primo

Journals provide important sources of academic information. 

  • To search for Journals, keep the search as the default Libraries search. 
  • You can search for ​journal articles in Primo using the drop down menu and selecting Articles.

FAQ 1185 has detailed instructions on how to search for full-text articles on Primo. 


Aberystwyth University libraries subscribes to a wide range of e-journals.

Further information can be found on Elec Info electronic resources webpage