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Life Sciences & BVSc Veterinary Science: Digital Skills

What are Digital Capabilities and why are they important?

Digital capabilities are the skills, knowledge and practices that equip us to live, learn and work safely and effectively in a digital society. This includes presenting information, solving problems, communicating online and understanding how to build a healthy relationship with technology.

Being digitally capable and confident is important for all students, to ensure that you can navigate through a constantly evolving digital society, to be able to succeed in your studies, and to compete successfully for future employment. 

Watch this short video by the University of Derby to learn more about the importance of digital capabilities. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with over 16,000 high-quality online courses in digital, business and creative skills. Staff and students at Aberystwyth University have free, unlimited access to the courses and training resources,  available 24/7 and you can follow the courses on your computer or your mobile device using the app.

Explore the variety of courses and short videos available from LinkedIn Learning to help you to develop your digital capabilities, in addition to a range of other skills.

Get started here: LinkedIn Learning  : Information Services , Aberystwyth University

Variety of courses to be found on LinkedIn Learning

Take a look at the variety of courses and resources available in LinkedIn Learning. There’s something for everyone – you can learn how to master Excel or the piano, get tips on the most common interview questions and even train your brain for happiness!

We’ve listed 12 courses for you to explore:

The pursuit of happiness: how to train your brain for happiness. (Length: 54 minutes) 
Learning Excel 2019 (Length: 1 hour 7 minutes) 
GarageBand Essential Training: capture your musical vision (Length: 4 hours 4 minutes) 
Expert tips for answering common interview questions (Length: 1 hour 14 minutes) 
Drawing Foundations Fundamental  (Length: 2 hours 24 minutes)
Being an effective team member (Length: 31 minutes) 
Introduction to photography (Length: 1 hour 52 minutes) 
Managing your personal finances (Length: 1 hour 4 minutes) 
Designing a presentation (Length: 56 minutes) 
Piano Lessons: Teach yourself to play (Length: 1 hour 54 minutes)
Project management foundations: small projects (Length: 1 hours 29 minutes)
Building self confidence (Length: 18 minutes)

Get started here: LinkedIn Learning  : Information Services , Aberystwyth University

Skills Courses and Services

Digital Discovery Tool

The Digital Discovery Tool is an online self-assessment tool that allows you to reflect on your digital capabilities. Use this resource to identify your current strengths and areas for development.

Watch the video to explain;

  • how the discovery tool works,
  • how to register,
  • answering the question set,
  • receiving and accessing the report

Using the Discovery Tool - Introductory Video

Access the Discovery Tool here: Digital Discovery Tool

How to improve your digital capabilities?

There are many resources available to you;

  • Take a look at the suggested tailored resources following the completion of the Digital Discovery Tool
  • Arrange a meeting with your personal tutor to chat through
  • Take a look at LinkedIn Learning to find appropriate courses to improve specific digital skills
  • Contact or your Subject Librarian if you need suggestions for useful LinkedIn Resources for specific skills.
  • Come and browse the Effective Study Collection in the Hugh Owen Library to discover books to help you on a wide range of skills and study help.

Effective Study Collection

The Effective Study Collection is a collection of books designed to help you study. It covers such topics as how to research and study, writing skills, academic writing, English usage, time management, communications skills and some general guides to research and study in the arts. The material is intended for all users, including those for whom English is not their first language.

The Effective Study Collection will help you :

  • Make the most of your study time 
  • Organise your studies effectively 
  • Organise information for research effectively 
  • Use the books you find in the Library effectively 
  • Write your essays, dissertations or theses effectively 
  • Develop a clear and accurate use of English 
  • Compile a bibliography 


Effective Study Collections are located on Level F of the Hugh Owen Library and in the Physical Sciences Library. 

All items in the Effective Study Collection are added to the Library catalogue, Primo, and have the prefix STUDY in the classmark.

LinkedIn Learning resources to help you prepare for your exams

The examination period can be a stressful time for most students. Here are some short videos and courses that we’ve pulled together from LinkedIn Learning to help you develop skills to prepare and revise more efficiently for your exams. A number of these skills will also be beneficial for your studies in general, in addition to helping you to improve your digital wellbeing. 

Overcoming procrastination (19 minutes)
Improving your Memory (1 hour 29 minutes)
Learning speed reading (58 minutes)
Time Management Tips for students (2 minutes 59 seconds)
Note-taking techniques (4 minutes 9 seconds)
Improving your memory (1 hour 29 minutes)
Creating a study plan (1 minutes 59 seconds)
Taking strategic breaks while studying (2 minutes 14 seconds)

Get started here: LinkedIn Learning  : Information Services , Aberystwyth University


Further Help

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