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Library support for Researchers: Systematic Reviews

What is a Systematic Review?

The key characteristics of a Systematic Review are:

  • a clearly stated set of objectives with pre-defined eligibility criteria for studies
  • an explicit, reproducible methodology
  • a systematic search which attempts to identify all studies that would meet the eligibility criteria
  • an assessment of the validity of the findings of the included studies
  • a systematic presentation, and synthesis, of the characteristics and findings of the included studies

(Taken from the Cochrane Handbook, section 1.2.2)

The Systematic Review process

1. Formulate a review question
2. Develop a review protocol
3. Initiate search strategy
4. Apply inclusion /exclusion criteria
5. Quality appraisal
6. Data extraction
7. Synthesis and Interpretation

How your Library can help with your Systematic Review

Your Library and Subject Librarian can help in a number of ways with your Systematic Review:

  • Defining the scope and boundaries of the search strategy
  • Deciding which resources to use
  • Training and use of Reference Management tools, including EndNote
  • Document Acquisition

What expertise can your Subject Librarian offer?

  • Skills in compiling a search string or strategy
  • Knowledge and skills in searching bibliographic databases and other sources
  • Knowledge of grey literature sources
  • Knowledge of how to acquire full-text documents
  • Expertise on using Endnote
  • Referencing advice

Key resources to consider

Book an appointment with your Subject Librarian

We offer one-to-one appointments to help you with your research and literature reviews. These appointments are being offered online through Microsoft Teams. 

You can book an appointment with your Subject Librarian using our online appointments page: