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Referencing & Plagiarism Awareness: 6. Consequences of plagiarism

Consequences of plagiarism


Plagiarism is the most common form of unacceptable academic practice and can be a serious offence, especially where it occurs extensively and/or repeatedly in student work.

Aberystwyth University uses a points-based penalty system for cases of unacceptable practice: UAP Points based system  : Academic Registry , Aberystwyth University

Examples of penalties for plagiarism include:

•    The assessment, or the module, mark may be capped at 39%.
•    The assessment, or the module, mark may be reduced to 0%.
•    Marks for all modules in the semester may be reduced to 0%.
•    Opportunities to resit modules failed as a result of UAP may be removed.

In very serious cases, taught students may be unable to complete their course of study or be excluded from the university and research students can have their theses failed. In addition, students may become ineligible for professional accreditation – e.g. membership of the Law Society.

When you submit an assignment, you may be required to sign a cover sheet to declare that you have not committed plagiarism (or any other form of unacceptable academic practice).