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Referencing & Plagiarism Awareness: 7. Plagiarism in the news

Below are examples of plagiarism that have made the news headlines.  These demonstrate that whether it's weeks or years later they have been discovered.  The cases show the importance of acknowledging work from others and not passing it off as your own, whether in an academic context or in the wider world.

BBC News article - Plagiarism at university

The Guardian - Journalist suspended over plagiarism row

Information World Review - Academic article scrapped over plagiarism

The Guardian - Essay mills prey on vulnerable students – let's stamp them out

BBC Trending - Chinese actor quits research work over plagiarism admission

The Independent - PM 'copied and pasted legal blog post about the attack'.

The Guardian - How serious is essay plagiarism?

Latest plagiarism headlines

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BBC Trending - Vogue Ukraine editor-in-chief suspended for plagiarism

BBC Radio 4 - A Degree of Fraud

Ellie Cawthorne investigates the multimillion pound online trade in fake essays and dissertations, hearing from cheating students and the people who write them.

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The Observer - Jeff Koons Ordered to Pay Damages for Plagiarism by French Court