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Sgwrsiwch nawr

Welsh and Celtic Studies: Collections

Cia mar a tha sibh?

Ciamar a tha sibh? Se mise Lloyd Roderick, Leabharlannaiche an Ollthigh airson na Cuimrise agus na Ceiltise. Se rùn na duileige seo cuideachadh ruibh a' chuid as fheàrr a dhèanamh de na goireasan a tha ri'm faighinn an seo dhuibh ann an raon na Cuimrise agus na Ceiltise. Ma tha ceist sam bith agaibh, cuiribh fios thugam. Tha mise an seo airson cobhair a thoirt dhuibh.

Television and radio collections

The library provides access to Box of Broadcasts, an archive which includes over 60 television and radio channels. Included are many thousands of programmes not available on iPlayer, etc.

Below are some playlists created by the subject librarian for Welsh & Celtic Studies to get you started. 

For information on acces, see Off-campus access, below.

Off-Campus access

Our extensive collections of electronic journals, databases and e-books are available to you 24/7 on and off-campus.

Before you start any searching off-campus:

sign in to Primo

You know you have signed in successfully if your name displays at the top right hand of your screen.

You are now authenticated to access AU subscribed electronic resources. If you close your browser, you will need to sign into Primo again to re-authenticate.

For further information on accessing e-resources off-campus see FAQ 163.

Celtic Collection

The Celtic Collection brings together material relating to Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and contains approximately 25,000 books. Although the collection contains material on all subjects relating to Celtic countries, the two largest sequences are those on history and literature. The collection is housed on Level E of the Hugh Owen Library. Most items in the collection have the prefix CELT on the spine.

Podlediad Clera

A monthly podcast on writing poetry by lecturer in Welsh and Creative Writing, Eurig Salisbury and Aneurin Karadog.

Digital Collections

Aberystwyth University collections


The University's collections contain a wide range of materials, including theses and past papers. You can find details of all our collections here.

The following may be of particular interest to Welsh and Celtic Studies students:

Language Learning Materials: the Library has a number of courses to help individuals learn some of the Celtic languages.

Other useful collections




A union catalogue which allows you to search all of the catalogues of national libraries of the UK, many university libraries and specialist libraries such as the Wellcome Trust and the National Art Library at the V&A Museum.