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International Politics: Journal Articles and Databases

Journals and Articles

A journal is a publication focusing on a particular subject area which can contain articles, letters, research, opinions and reviews written by different authors. Journals are published at regular intervals, such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Each copy is an issue and a set of issues makes a volume (usually each year is a separate volume). Journals are also known as periodicals. Anything you see on Primo or in our Libraries with PER in the classmark, it is a journal containing short papers on specific topics. They can be found in print format, online or both.

Why use a journal article?

  • Important sources for subject information or research.
  • Information on current developments.
  • Journal articles are published more quickly than books, so can be more up to date.
  • They often cover a subject in depth and include original research.

Some Useful Journals for International Politics


Searching for journal articles

Journals provide important sources of academic information.  You can search for ​journal articles using the ​Articles search ​in Primo.

Some Useful Databases


The official website of the European Union, providing information on services provided by the EU and how the EU works. It also provides latest news and events. 

European Sources Online

European Sources Online (ESO) is an online database and information service which provides access to information on the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries, regions and other international organisations of Europe, and on issues of importance to European researchers, citizens and stakeholders. 

Gale News

Full-text articles from regional, national and global newspapers.

Mass Observation Online (social research  into the cultural and social history of Britain). 

The material at the Mass Observation Archive, and now on Mass Observation Online, offers an unparalled insight into everyday life in the 1930s and 1940s. This publication opens up a host of essay and project possibilities on topics such as abortion, old age, crime, eating habits, shopping, fashion, dance, popular music, sex, sport, reading, ethnic minorities, and the decline of Empire. It will be welcomed by historians, literary scholars, sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists. 


A multi-disciplinary archive of academic journals, books and pamphlets. 

Times Digital Archive 1785-2019

A database containing the complete digital edition of The Times (London) from 1785 - 2019. Contains every page from every issue of the newspaper, including headlines, articles and images. The content also includes: editorials, birth and death notices, advertisements and classified ads. 

FAQ - How to access e-resources off-campus

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Document Supply Service

The Document Supply Service allows registered users to request items which are not available in the University Library. We can support staff and students with research and learning by locating and supplying books, chapters, and articles held by other libraries. Information Services will cover the costs of the allocation for the different user groups in all academic departments, subject to available funds.

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