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Library & IT guide for new students: Finding Resources

Your reading list

A module reading list is usually a list of books and other information resources compiled by the module co-ordinator to support your study of a module.

Where can I find my reading list?


You can find the reading list for a module you are studying in Blackboard.

  • Log in to, visit the module and click the Aspire Reading List link in the left menu.


You can also view your lists in the Aspire system at  

Enter the module code and/or name.

Find out more by visiting the Aspire reading list webpage.

If you are choosing modules for next year, or you are a prospective student, visit the AU modules pages and on any module page...

  • click View in Aspire to see a reading list for a current module

  • click View an example list in Aspire to see an example list for a module being taught in the future

How to Find a Book From Your Reading List


Aberystwyth University libraries subscribe to a wide range of e-books and e-book collections.

We have 1000s of e-books and our collection is regularly growing. You can access our e-books via Primo. In the search box enter one or two key words from the title and the surname of the author. When the search results appear you can choose to click Full text online in the Tweak my results menu on the left to display results for ebooks only.

If we have access to an electronic version of a book, the Primo record will state Online Access

Check our eBooks FAQs for further information and instructions

Library Catalogue

Primo is the Aberystwyth University library catalogue. In Primo you can search for books, articles, theses and other materials in the library collection of printed and electronic resources. To get the best results from Primo, you will need to sign in. 


Help with finding resources and subject information

Level F Enquiry Desk, Hugh Owen Library

For help with finding resources and subject information. Bring your questions about finding information sources for your assignments, dissertation or research. 

Or book an online or in-person appointment with your Subject Librarian:

Books in the Library

In the Primo search box enter one or two key words from the title and the author's last name. When the search results appear you can choose Books in the Tweak my results menu on the left to display results for books only. 


If the book is available to borrow, Primo will state this, giving the floor and shelf location details. 

On loan

If the book is not available to borrow and on loan to another user, Primo will state this information. You can also request a book that is on loan so that it is held for you when it is returned to the Library.

Online access

If the item is available in electronic format, click Online access to get the online version.

Click and Collect Service

Off-Campus access

Our extensive collections of electronic journals, databases and e-books remain available to you 24/7 on and off-campus.

Before you start any searching off-campus:
sign in to Primo

You know you have signed in successfully if your name displays at the top right hand of your screen.

You are now authenticated to access AU subscribed electronic resources. If you close your browser, you will need to sign into Primo again to re-authenticate.

For further information on accessing e-resources off-campus see


Our LibGuides give you detailed information on print and electronic resources for all subjects:

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