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European Documentation Centre: Official Documents

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EU Bookshop - The official bookshop of the European Union, with free e-books, free PDF's and printed copies about EU activities.

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EUROPA - The EU’s own search engine to find information from EU institutions and agencies that is accessible via the EUROPA portal.

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European Sources Online  Updated daily, added value information service that focuses on the European Union, the countries of Europe and on the issues of concern to citizens and stakeholders in the Europe of today.

Official documents

Official documents available include:

Official Journal of the European Communities

Legislation (L-series). Contains the full text of regulations, directives and decisions. Issued daily.

Information Notices (C-series). Contains Information and Notices such as the Opinions of the Economic and Social Committee, proposals for legislation and Commission information. Issued daily.

Supplement to the Official Journal (S-series). Contains details of all public supply and work contracts for tender in the European Community.

Working Documents of the Commission (COM Documents) Contain the text of proposals for legislation and useful background information.

Debates and reports of the European Parliament

General report and bulletin of the European Union

The Statistical Office of the European Communities produces a wide variety of statistical data on the European Union, covering topics such as economy and finance, population and social conditions, external trade, the environment and research and development Eurostat: