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Keeping up to date in your topic area: Twitter


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Although originating mainly as a leisure facility, many individual researchers and institutions are now setting up official Twitter accounts to get their message across in short, sharp bursts, particularly relating to soft marketing, technical developments and job opportunities.

Please take note, however, that you should always take steps to ensure that any information which you obtain from Twitter is from an official institutional account before quoting it elsewhere, as many “unofficial” corporate sites are known to exist.

Verifying accounts

You can check for verified Twitter accounts at

The blue verified badge  on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

A useful way to keep track of Twitter material by #hashtag, @account, @mention, keyword etc. is through using:

It accurately measures real-time and historical social media data, illustrating information in easy-to-read graphs and layouts that simplify reporting and strategizing.

KeyHole helps you effortlessly track #hashtags, keywords, @accounts and URLs on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.


Why not start by following or liking...

  • Publisher or journal accounts
  • Fellow academics and practitioners who share work and ideas on social media
  • Organisations that are aligned to your subject area
  • Search using hashtags that are current in your field or area of interest e.g. #vetscience

Conferences live on Twitter

Many conferences tweet live updates from the presentations as they happen. So even if you are unable to attend a conference, you can often dip into some of the discussions.

To find out how to keep track of a particular conference - past or future, look for the relevant hashtag (for example #vitae, #lilac21).Then log in to Twitter and search for the relevant hashtag to follow the discussions.

If you have never used Twitter before or would like a refresher on using it, you can visit the useful twitter guide.  

More information about finding relevant conferences is available in the Conferences tab.