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Ieithoedd Modern: Papurau Newydd

European newspapers

Here's a selection of French, German, Italian and Spanish newspapers. Do note

  • many newspaper websites have substantial searchable archives
  • you can visit Westlaw Europe News to search by title or country, and find full text articles without adverts, images etc.
Country Title, access
France Le Monde - most recent printed issue (Hugh Owen Library), previous issues (Modern Languages foyer)
  Le Monde (website)
  Le Figaro (website)
  Le Parisien (website)
  Libération (website)
  L'Equipe (website)
  Les Echos 01/2011 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Les Echos (website)
  Tribune Desfosses 10/1996 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  La Tribune (website)
Germany Die Zeit - most recent printed issue (Hugh Owen Library), previous issues (Modern Languages foyer)
  Die Zeit (website
  Sü​ddeutsche Zeitung 01/2007 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Sü​ddeutsche Zeitung (website) 
  Die Welt 07/2019 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Die Welt (website)
  Der Spiegel 01/2003 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Der Spiegel (website)
  Frankfurter Allgemeine (website)
  Frankfurter Rundschau 01/2011 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Frankfurter Rundschau  (website)
  Die Tageszeitung 11/2010 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Die Tageszeitung (website)
  Bild (website)
Spain El Pais (English) 05/2002 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  El Pais (website)
  El  Mundo (website)
  ABC (website)
  El Economista 06/2018 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  El Economista (website)
  El Perió​dico (website)
  La Voz de Galicia (website)
  Marca 07/2018 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Marca (website)
Italy Corriere della Sera 03/2002 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Corriere della Sera (website)
  La Reppublica (website)
  Il Sole 24 Ore (website)
  La Stampa (website)
  Il Giornale (website)
  Il Messaggero (website)
  Gazzetta dello Sport 05/2002 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Gazzetta dello Sport (website

Gale OneFile News

Gale OneFile News logo

Gale Onefile News contains a small selection of full-text newspapers, newswires etc. published in Spanish, Portuguese and French in the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

To explore these titles

  • Visit Gale OneFile News
  • Click Publication Search
  • Choose a language from the Language of publication menu
  • Click Search
  • Use the results filters to toggle between Newspapers, Newswires etc.

Westlaw Europe News

part of the banner from the Westlaw Europe News page

Westlaw Europe News contains a selection of European newspapers, news wires and magazines. Titles include Les Echos, Süddeutsche Zeitung, El Pais (English) and Corriere della Sera.

Content is searchable as a whole and by country and title, and titles can be browsed by country. After clicking on a newspaper title, click the i button to see how long the archive is. The full text of articles does not include adverts, images etc. 

  • Sign In to Primo with your Aberystwyth University login and password
  • Search for westlaw and click the Online access link to the Westlaw UK database
  • In Westlaw Edge UK, click Westlaw International (under More Resources in the column on the right)
  • In Westlaw Classic, click International News (under Related News in the column on the right)
  • Click Europe to open the European News page