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Law and Criminology: Books & e-books

Publications from the department

Adult social care law in England - John Williams, Gwyneth Roberts, Aled Griffiths

Routledge handbook of human trafficking - Ryszard Piotrowicz, Conny Rijken, Baerbel Heide Uhl (eds.)

Land of White Gloves? a history of crime and punishment in Wales - Richard W. Ireland

Intention and causation in medical non-killing : the impact of criminal law concepts on euthanasia and assisted suicide - Glenys Williams

The Net and the Nation State - Uta Kohl (ed.)

International military missions and international law - Marco Odello and Ryszard Piotrowicz

Cartel criminality : the mythology and pathology of business collusion - Chistopher Harding & Jennifer Edwards

Emerging areas of human rights in the 21st century : the role of the universal declaration of human rights - Marco Odello & Sofia Cavandoli

Koffman & Macdonald's Law of Contract - Elizabeth macdonald & Ruth Atkins (eds.)

Information technology law - Diane Rowland, Uta Kohl & Andrew Charlesworth (eds.)

Jurisdiction and the Internet : a study of regulatory competence over online activity - Uta Kohl

Human Rights in the Market Place - Christopher Harding, Uta Kohl & Naomi Salmon

Shelf Locations

KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
KJ European Law (incl. European Union Law)
KW European Documentation Centre
KX & KZ International Law

Criminology books : HV 6001-9960 
Human rights JC571-599
Medical ethics R724-726 ; R852-853 ; RG133-135

Subject Specific areas
  • Administrative law KD4878-4902 
  • Civil law (Roman law) KJA
  • Company law KD2071-2127
  • Comparative law KD540-5570 ; K559-623 : K3165 ; K3240
  • Computers & law KD667.C65 ; KD1303 ; individual jurisdictions
  • Constitutional law KD3931-4645
  • Contract law KD1554
  • Criminal law  KD7868-8090
  • Criminology HV6001-9960 ; K5018 ; K5029 : K6025. See also Criminal Law
  • Employment law KD3009-3096
  • Environmental law KD3351-3382
  • Equity & trusts KD674 ; KD1480-1495
  • European Union law KJE. See also KW: European Documentation Centre
  • Family Law KD750-785
  • Human rights K3236-3268.5 : KZ6471-6530 : JC571-607
  • Intellectual property law KD1269
  • International law KX & KZ
  • Land law KD810-986
  • Legal History KD530-632
  • Legal Systems and Skills K85 ; KD660-662 ; KD7100-7111
  • Medicine, ethics & law KD3395-3417 ; R724-726 ; R852-853 ; RG133-135
  • Torts KD1948
  • Welfare law KD3191-3315

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