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Modern Languages: Newspapers

European newspapers

Here's a selection of French, German, Italian and Spanish newspapers. Do note

  • many newspaper websites have substantial searchable archives
  • you can visit Westlaw Europe News to search by title or country, and find full text articles without adverts, images etc.
Country Title, access
France Le Monde - most recent printed issue (Hugh Owen Library), previous issues (Modern Languages foyer)
  Le Monde (website)
  Le Figaro (website)
  Le Parisien (website)
  Libération (website)
  L'Equipe (website)
  Les Echos 01/2011 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Les Echos (website)
  Tribune Desfosses 10/1996 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  La Tribune (website)
Germany Die Zeit - most recent printed issue (Hugh Owen Library), previous issues (Modern Languages foyer)
  Die Zeit (website
  Sü​ddeutsche Zeitung 01/2007 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Sü​ddeutsche Zeitung (website) 
  Die Welt 07/2019 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Die Welt (website)
  Der Spiegel 01/2003 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Der Spiegel (website)
  Frankfurter Allgemeine (website)
  Frankfurter Rundschau 01/2011 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Frankfurter Rundschau  (website)
  Die Tageszeitung 11/2010 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Die Tageszeitung (website)
  Bild (website)
Spain El Pais (English) 05/2002 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  El Pais (website)
  El  Mundo (website)
  ABC (website)
  El Economista 06/2018 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  El Economista (website)
  El Perió​dico (website)
  La Voz de Galicia (website)
  Marca 07/2018 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Marca (website)
Italy Corriere della Sera 03/2002 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Corriere della Sera (website)
  La Reppublica (website)
  Il Sole 24 Ore (website)
  La Stampa (website)
  Il Giornale (website)
  Il Messaggero (website)
  Gazzetta dello Sport 05/2002 - present (via Westlaw Europe News)
  Gazzetta dello Sport (website

Westlaw Europe News

part of the banner from the Westlaw Europe News page

Westlaw Europe News contains a selection of European newspapers, news wires and magazines. Titles include Les Echos, Süddeutsche Zeitung, El Pais (English) and Corriere della Sera.

Content is searchable as a whole and by country and title, and titles can be browsed by country. After clicking on a newspaper title, click the i button to see how long the archive is. The full text of articles does not include adverts, images etc. 

To reach the Westlaw Europe News page

  • Sign In to Primo with your Aberystwyth University login and password
  • Search for westlaw and click the Online access link to the Westlaw UK database
  • On the Westlaw banner click More then European Union
  • Click Europe News on the right of the page

Gale OneFile News

Gale OneFile News logo

Gale Onefile News contains a small selection of full-text newspapers, newswires etc. published in Spanish, Portuguese and French in the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

To explore these titles

  • Visit Gale OneFile News
  • Click Publication Search
  • Choose a language from the Language of publication menu
  • Click Search
  • Use the results filters to toggle between Newspapers, Newswires etc.

Printed Newspapers

The most recent issues of Le Monde and Die Zeit are available to read on the ground floor of Hugh Owen Library. Older issues can be found in the Modern Languages foyer on Level D, Hugh Owen Building.